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At each party, we throw ourselves into a pile of muscled bodies with abandon. In order to have the hottest time with the hottest guys in Seattle safely and sanely, we adhere to the following  set of rules. We take them seriously and have the same expectation from all prospective members.

  • Friendly guys only

    There are plenty of muscled gods with 8 packs out there who are jerks. They are not part of this group. We are all adults and we treat each other with respect and courtesy. Always.

  • No drugs of any kind, ever

    Should you arrive at an event high or attempt to get high while there, you will be asked to leave immediately and removed from the list.

  • Safe sex only

    If you engage in penetrative sex, you must use a condom. It doesn’t matter if you are on PrEP, it doesn’t matter if you only want to fuck your monogamous boyfriend who is there with you. Condoms will be available for you, use them. Should you engage in unprotected sex with anyone at the party, you will both be asked to leave immediately and removed from the list

  • We respect the host space
    Our get togethers are hosted by generous members of the group who open up their homes to us. Treat their home asyou would your own - clean up after yourself and try to leave the place better than you found it. Refer to rule #1 with questions.

  • We respect each other's privacy
    Keep your cell phone tucked away for the duration of the event.

  • We go through regular STI check ups

    You agree to get checked for STIs every 3-4 months. In the unlikely but possible event that you test positive for an STI, say something. Reach out to the host who will notify all of the other guys who may have been affected. The host will keep the identity of the alerting member completely anonymous.

  • We arrive in good health

    If you’re sick with anything you can pass on, please stay home. Another event is just around the corner.

  • Soliciting consent is hot
    (and required)

    Always ask for consent before engaging with anyone and recognize that consent may change at any point during play. If you approach someone sexually and they tell you no, or physically give you obvious signs that they do not want to be pursued by you, leave them alone. Respect people’s boundaries and understand that there are plenty of other people to play with. Conversely, if you choose not to play with someone, be considerate about how you communicate it.

  • We encourage each other to participate
    The hottest and most successful parties are those where you dive in head first and bring those around you along. We have strict rules and screening process in place so that you can let yourself go and we encourage you to throw yourself whole heartedly into the activity at hand (that’s why we’re there!). That said, if a given scene is getting too hot for you, guard your own boundaries and step out as needed.

  • We pitch in
    Our group works because we make it work. Occasionally we will ask for volunteers to help man the door, handle coat check, prep the space, or clean up afterwards. It's good sex karma and you will get to hang out with some hot guys in the process.

  • RSVP-ing is also hot
    (and also required)
    If you arrive at an event without a confirmed spot, you will be turned away. Should you need to cancel your reservation, please notify the event host at least 24hrs in advance. We maintain a wait list and you would be taking up someone else’s spot. Two no-shows will bar you from participating in future events.

  • We keep unexpected visitors at home

    Every person at every party has been screened specifically for this group. As such, unexpected or unscreened guests will be turned away. We do not screen people at the door.

  • Gossip and judgement stay away

    We are all here for the same reason - to enjoy the company of hot, naked men in a safe and comfortable space. Tell your friends about our group and encourage them to join, but keep the details of who did what with whom to yourself.

 Pure Naked Touch  

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