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So, I have a question...

  • Are the pictures on this site pictures of actual members?

    No. Most folks who are part of our group value their privacy and would likely object to having their naked bodies displayed on a public website. That said, the general demographic is very comparable.

  • What are the events like?

    It depends on the particular event, each of which spells out its own expectations, theme, and boundaries. The general common thread is a low key vibe and friendly attitude. A recent first-time attendee classified his experience thusly:

"Last night was HOT AS FUCK. It was a success in my book. Thanks again!!"

  • Can you send me pictures of who will be attending?
    No. We value each other's privacy as much as we value yours and sending you pictures of other people attending would be directly contrary to that principle.

  • But, but, but...

    If there is a specific person that would create a super awkward situation for you (a recent ex for example), you can send us their first name and we can tell you if someone with that name is on the confirmed list. That's it. Otherwise, the assumption is that we are all adults and can navigate potentially challenging social situations with grace and integrity.

  • I'm a teacher / doctor / lawyer / government employee. I have a certain public persona I need to maintain for my professional life and I'm afraid it will be jeopardized.
    That's always a risk, but it's very low. You certainly won't be the only teacher / doctor / lawyer / government employee in attendance and everyone is just as protective of their public/private life separation as you. That's why this is not a public event, that's why there is a screening process, and that's why we have and adhere to our group rules. There is a certain leap of faith you go through before attending your first event, but recognize that we go through that same leap of faith with you.

  • I'm a single guy, can I come?

  • I'm a married / partnered guy, can I come?
    Yes, provided your better half is in the know. If your attendance at an all-male sex party is something you need to keep a secret from the person you date, this is not a group for you.

  • How much does it cost to attend?
    The events are free. No entry fee, no suggested donation, no coat check fee. We work because our members pitch in and help out with things like clothes check, setup, or cleanup.

  • Why are you doing this? Is there a catch?
    There is no catch. We put a lot of effort behind these events because we believe in them, because we believe in the space they create, and because we believe in the community they bring together.

    Life is short. You never know when you may be facing a situation that will prevent you from enjoying the pleasures of sex with others. Might as well seize the opportunity when it's available and derive joy out of it while providing that same joy for others. This group, too, shall pass. Until then, join in! That's why we're doing this - because we can, because we enjoy it, and because we think such experiences are rare and valuable.

 Pure Naked Touch  

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