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We are a private, highly curated group of men who get together on a semi-monthly basis in homes and residences across Seattle. All of our members go through rigorous screening process and consist of friendly, interesting, and accomplished guys in great physical shape. We value diversity and our group encompasses men of all races, varied walks of life, and ages ranging from 20s to 40s, with a handful of hot guys in their 50s. All of us share our passion for great man-on-man sex in a safe and comfortable environment where we don’t have to worry about sticking to the floor of some shady basement bar or having to run through a course of antibiotics afterwards.


We take safe sex, our health, and the health of our group seriously. All of our members get checked for STIs regularly to prevent potential exposure to the rest of the group as much as possible.

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Our get togethers range in intensity from naked circle jerks and massage nights to full-on orgies. Each event is announced about a week or two ahead of time with clearly spelled out boundaries and party-specific rules. Space is usually limited and the events can fill up within a couple of days. The number of participants tend to range from about 5-15 hot guys, depending on the host environment and nature of the evening.

 Pure Naked Touch  

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